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diesel delivery locations

  • Baton Rouge Midstream
  • Paulina Midstream
  • Kenner Bend Midstream
  • Gretna Midstream and Dock
  • Belle Chasse Dock
  • Venice Dock
  • Port Fourchon (Stone) Dock
  • Port Fourchon (C-Port 1) Dock
  • Port Fourchon (C-Port 2) Dock
  • Cameron Dock
  • Offshore
  • Intracoastal City

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Inland Waterways

John W. Stone Oil Distributor operates nine facilities along the Mississippi River and inland waterways located from Baton Rouge, La., to Venice, La.  Whether you require mid-streaming services or dock services, Stone Oil can supply you with diesel fuel, lubricants and water.

Our modern fleet of tugboats and barges, substantial tank and barge storage capacity and warehouses along with our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that your orders are delivered in a safe and efficient manner.


With three dock locations in Port Fourchon, La. and dock facilities in Venice and Cameron, La. as well as offshore delivery capability with the Great Expectations and Stone Navigator/Explorer, Stone Oil is a leading provider to the offshore fuel, lubricant, water and methanol market. Stone Oil enjoys excellent working relationships with both the major and independent drilling and exploration companies and oil field service companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our tanker, the Great Expectations, can deliver over 1,275,000 gallons of diesel fuel in a single trip plus lubricants and 650,000 gallons of water. Our tandem of the Stone Navigator and Stone Explorer can deliver up to 1.45 million gallons of diesel fuel.

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